Our Philosophy

Filosofía Brins

     My name is Santi Gabarró. BRINS is my personal project and it started with the aim of making you feel       extremely comfortable in bed.


After searching for a long time and checking different types of fabrics, I realised that it is a complicated task to find a quality product like ours, and so highly personalised. And it is almost impossible to find solid and reliable information on the fabric.

Not only do we make this information available to you, but we also have full control over the processes until the product is finished: spinning, weaving, finishes, making and delivery to the customer. The satisfaction of being transparent about the origin of the cotton, quality and real processes, and the fact that our products are made in Barcelona give us added value.

Brins has chosen the internet to sell its products, and it makes me think of Josep Pla’s words about borders: ‘the border is not a limit – it is a large open window’. Transparency, reliability and honesty are essential conditions for us to be present in this great window of the online world.

I truly hope that you have sweet dreams with Brins on your bed.