Frequently Asked Questions

Product Quality

At BRINS we take part in the entire value chain, from the raw cotton to the end product.
Where do the fabrics that BRINS uses come from?
Our extra-long staple cotton (ELS) comes from the Nile Delta, in Egypt. Our threads are spun in Italy and our fabrics and finishes are made in Barcelona. Our way of controlling all the procedures and guaranteeing quality and the origin of the materials is being present in the entire value chain. Another of our main goals is to contribute to the Mediterranean and European economy.
Where does BRINS make its products?
All our products are made in Barcelona.
The climate and fertility of the soil in the Nile Delta, and its best cotton varieties and growing and manual picking techniques make this cotton the most internationally valued. Thanks to these conditions only some of the cotton varieties are extra long, which means that it can be spun into finer and more resistant threads. The variety we use is GIZA 88, which produces fibres over 35 mm long. With this variety we obtain end products that are extraordinarily softer and silkier.
Why is your range of fabrics so small and why do you offer just one type of quality?
In order to make highly comfortable products we believe it is best to make one kind of top quality fabric. And as we have a small range of products we can be reasonably more competitive.
Who guarantees the Egyptian origin of the threads, the variety that is used, their fineness and good practices?
These are some of the certificates we have:

Egyptian Cotton Giza 88 Egyptian Pure cotton treated in Italy High Quality Cotton Passed for harmful substances

Characteristics of the Product:

100% Egyptian extra-long staple cotton (ELS), gassed and combed, 500 threads per square inch in the product.
Cotton from Egypt, spun in Italy, and woven, finished and made in Barcelona – guaranteed.
The fabric is flat- and tightly-woven, made with the finest and purest 100% extra-long staple cotton.
The cotton proves its high quality over time – after many washes it is even softer and easier to iron, which makes it different from other more common types of cotton.
All the fabrics used to personalise the product are made of 100% cotton and solid colours.

General Information

From which countries can I purchase online?
You can currently purchase our products from any country.
Do the prices include VAT?
No, the prices of the products on sale on the website do not include Value-Added Tax (VAT).
If you are a company that can be exempt from VAT, you should send us your VAT number and the corresponding certificate to
Do you restock the items that are ‘out of stock’?
All the items are restocked as soon as possible or removed from the website.
Can I gift-wrap the item?
It is not necessary because all our products are wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a cardboard box.
If you wish, we have special gift boxes that you can purchase when you are completing your order, which cost 20 euros each.
Can I purchase items for babies or children?
Yes, because all our products are made to measure.
Will I receive exactly the same product as I see on the website?
We make every product upon request, so no two items are the same. The tone of the colours may vary from one computer screen to another.
Do I have to register if I want to place an order?
You don’t have to register. But if you do, you can access your order history section and change your personal details, too.
What is the privacy policy of Brins online shop?
You’ll find all the information on the following link: Privacy Policy.
How do I recover my password if I have forgotten it?
Request a new password in the login section. You will receive an e-mail with your new password.
How can I be sure that my purchase has been completed correctly?
Once you have submitted your order you will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours. If you don’t receive the e-mail please write to us at
Can I change my order?
You can change it within 24 hours of making the payment, by sending us an e-mail to, and telling us what you want to change. After the initial 24 hours the item will be in process and no changes will be accepted.
Do you accept returns?
No returns will be accepted because of the design and/or size. Each product is made upon request.
What happens if I don’t receive the design and/or size I ordered?
Get in contact with us within 7 days of having received your order. If Brins has made a mistake, we will collect the product once and will send the right product free of charge.

How to buy

Buying at is very easy. You just need to follow these steps:

1/ Choosing:

01. Type of item. Complete set, complete set with square cushion covers, sheet set, duvet set, sheet, bottom sheet, pillowcase, square cushion cover, duvet cover.
02. Style of item. Customise the item as you want: amongst other options you can choose the sheets with a straight finish, with decorated sides; bottom sheet: fitted or flat; the pillowcase, etc.
03. Colour and print of the fabric. Plain fabric: white for any item you want, or printed: blue, pink, neutral, green or yellow stripes for the following items: sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase. The fabric always has the same composition and is made with 100% Egyptian extra-long staple cotton (ELS).
04. Customisation. Customise your products. For striped fabrics you can choose the colour of the part of the sheet that is turned down, of the duvet cover and the pillowcase, which will be the same colour as the stripes, or white. For the white fabric you can choose a simple backstitch, straight embroidery, motif embroidery, lace, ribbon, piping and hemstitch.
05. Sizes: Standard sizes; measure your mattress or your favourite sheets.

2/ Buying:

- Add the item to the basket. Then select ‘Continue Shopping’ if you want more items, or checkout.
- Once you have accepted the Privacy Policy and inserted your details, check they are correct and click on checkout.
- Select a method of payment: Visa, Master Card, 4b, Euro 6000, American Express, Maestro, Diners Club, JCB.

3/ Confirmation and delivery:

- Confirm the order
- You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours.
- You will receive a dispatch e-mail within 30 working days.
- Wait a few days and... enjoy!


What company is in charge of delivery?
Depending on the destination, we work with different companies.
Where can my order be delivered?
At the address you choose in your own country, except P.O. Boxes.
Are shipping costs included?
No, they are added once the custom-made product is in the shopping basket. Shipping costs are the following:
Mainland Spain::10 euros per delivery.
Spain: Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: 30 euros per delivery. Shipments to Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands are subject to custom and tax fees. It is up to the customer to pay these fees. For shipments to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, see the Customs and Taxes section.
Deliveries to the EU: 30 euros for EU countries. 40 euros for EU islands.
Other countries:70 euros.
Is VAT included in the prices?
VAT is included once the product is added to the shopping basket. The current Spanish VAT rate will apply when the purchase is finalised.
Are customs and other special tax fees included in the prices?
No, they are not included. Customs and special tax fees depend on each country. For more information you should get in contact with Customs in your country.
EU residents.
The VAT (value-added tax) rate that applies and that is currently in force in Spain will be detailed in the shopping basket. If you are a company that can be exempt from VAT, you should give us your VAT number and corresponding certificate.
Non-EU residents.
Purchases by individuals or legal entities in non-EU countries shall not be exempt from paying VAT, unless they provide a suitable certificate.
We do not deliver to P.O. Boxes.
Shipments to non-EU countries are subject to custom and tax fees. It is up to the customer to pay these fees.
The purchasing system is subject to Spanish law, so the address where sales operations take place is the address of BRINS BARCELONA, S.L.U.; Calle Herzegovina 26, 3º 2a, 08006 Barcelona, Spain.
Can my order be delivered to another country?
No, the order must be delivered to the country in which the order is placed.
Dispatch times
Once the product is finished, it will be dispatched on average within 1-2 working days to mainland Spain, 5-7 working days to outside EU and 2-4 days to the rest, depending on the final destination.
Can I check the status of my item?
Yes, you will receive an e-mail with a link to track the package once the order is ready. This will be within approximately 30 calendar days after the order is confirmed.


(Each item is cut and made exclusively for each order)
The photo of the product is not binding: the tone of the colours may vary from one computer screen to another.
No returns will be accepted unless they have been authorised by the company BRINS BARCELONA, S.L.U. in writing by e-mail (

The process to claim for faulty fabric and to avoid unnecessary costs is the following:
1. Send a photo of the faulty product to
2. State the fault on the product.
3. State the number and date of the order, as well as the number of the invoice issued by BRINS BARCELONA, S.L.U. (essential requirement).
If deems it convenient, the product will be collected at the customer's home without any additional costs. In this case will get in contact with the customer to tell him/her how to proceed. shall not refund the customer for shipping costs for faulty products that the customer sends unilaterally without prior authorisation.
If faulty material is returned because of a manufacturing defect, will replace the product with a new one or with another one from the same category. Under no circumstance shall the amount be refunded to the customer. The customer will get credit for future purchases.
If the product is returned because of a fault caused by using the product incorrectly, the customer will be informed of the reason for being denied the claim, in writing, and the customer will be sent back the faulty product (if it has already been collected).
If sends the wrong product, it will be collected and the correct product will be sent without any additional costs to the user.

Payment Methods

We guarantee that all the transactions made on are 100% secure. All the transactions that involve transmitting personal or bank information take place in a secure environment.
What method of payment can I use?
The only method of payment that we accept is by credit card, via a secure encryption system SSL-EV Encrypted.
Is the method of payment secure?
Your credit card details are not stored in a database – they go straight to the POS (point of sale). The bank we work with is ING DIRECT, which in turn guarantees full security.
Do you accept any other method of payment?
Can the invoice be issued to my company’s name?
Yes. First you need to register as a customer and process the order. Once you have completed the order and paid, the invoice will be issued to the company’s name.