Product Maintenance Instructions

Characteristics of the product

100% Egyptian extra-long staple cotton (ELS), gassed and combed, 500 threads per square inch in the product. Cotton from Egypt, spun in Italy, and woven, finished and made in Barcelona – guaranteed.

The fabric is flat- and tightly-woven, made with the finest and purest 100% extra-long staple cotton.

The cotton proves its high quality over time – after many washes it is even softer and easier to iron, which makes it different from other more common types of cotton.

All the fabrics used to personalise the product are made of 100% cotton and solid colours.

Caring for the product

In order for the product to be preserved correctly and for a long time, you must choose a suitable wash programme::

Underpowered Dryer  Normal machine wash 30º   Iron at a medium temperature    Do not use bleaching products.

Normal machine wash 30º

Iron at a medium temperature, no more than 150º. Iron while the product is slightly damp, with residual moisture of about 20%.

In order to improve the look and extend the life of the product, iron all the customised parts softly, such as hemstitch, embroidery, ribbon, piping, lace or others.

Do not use bleaching products.

If it is very dirty or there are resistant stains, you can wash it exceptionally at 40º-60º, and with a little bleach if the product is white and does not have colour finishes.

White items must be washed separately from colour ones. Do not fill up the washing machine too full. As cotton is highly absorbent natural fibre, it requires long wash programmes.

Close zips before washing in order to prevent the product from wearing out prematurely.

We recommend washing new sheets before use.


All 100% cotton items, as they are made of natural fibres, without synthetic mixes, may shrink after being washed the first few times, as the fabric may give after being woven and finished.

The high wash temperatures and the use of the tumble dryer at a high temperature increase shrinking. Excessive shrinking may be caused by extremely high washing or tumble drying temperatures.

According to the type of fabric and the wash system, the fabric can shrink up to 5% in width and length.

With this in mind, we deliver new products a little larger than the requested size, to offset most of the shrinking that may occur, especially in the warp (length).